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S.C.F 2.0

Social Communication Forum 2.0


Social Communication Forum 2.0 is a follow-up of the mobility of youth workers “Social Communication Forum”, held in Palermo in January 2018; in this context the Maghweb team and the partner participants have agreed on the need to spread the knowledge of no-profit social communication. In this project, participants designed, filmed and edited some short videos, thus creating the message they wanted to convey, to sensitize the audiences towards a more transparent and ethical way to communicate social topics.

In depth

Social Communication Forum 2.0 includes 4 organizations from 4 different countries: Maghweb (Italy), Cinergies (Greece), Youth of Europe (Poland) and Inceptus-Innoved Leituva (Lithuania). The Social Communication Forum 2.0 is a continuation of the employee mobility for youth “Social Communication Forum”, held in Palermo in January 2018, in which the Maghweb team and the participating partners agreed on the need to disseminate knowledge on social communication. The problem addressed by the project is that often the concept of social communication is mysterious, since there is no clear definition of the exact criteria and rules for an ethical and sustainable communication. Indeed, neither at national level nor at European level is there agreement on what social communication is. As a result, communicators often lack specific professional skills and their professional profile is not properly recognized. The exchange of good practices, skills and experiences within SCF 2.0 aims at accurately training the participants in this concept. It provides guidelines not only for the communicators, but also for the purpose of such communication, giving them the tools to develop critical thinking and distinguish between for-profit and non-profit communication. The objectives of the project are therefore:

-Exchange of good practices for communication for social purposes with the aim of creating common European frameworks.

-To expand the communication of social content, enhancing the professionalism in the context of international project management, improving the employability of communication specialists.

-Provide media users with the tools to understand the rules and contexts of social media in order to tackle media illiteracy and develop users’ ability to detect fake news

-Strengthening the transnational network among young employees active in the field of communication, in order to produce ethical and quality content.

-To help reduce the deficit of social communication in the EU social sector.

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Youth Of Europe


Innoved Lietuva