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Reperage Educational Platform  Communication Practices

Communication Practices Ι

Overview – Reperage Livestreaming video

Achieving meaningful social change is a major challenge that can’t be achieved without the emergence of a diverse stream of positive, though real, information throughout Europe by the social actors that actually work to tackle social challenges.

With our Erasmus+ project “Reperage” we worked with young people from France, Italy, Spain, Lithuania and Greece on storytelling practices using cost-efficient methods to improve the communication of their activities and maximize their impact.

The resulting educational material is hosted here, along with additional tools and best practices that can help social actors communicate and disseminate their messages in the most efficient way.

Communication Practices ΙI

Articles – Storytelling through INK & Video tutorial

Storytelling through the ink: A good story starts on a paper. Participants of Reperage Training course brainstormed and created a video with 6 tips on creative writing to help make your posts and articles engaging.

Communication Practices ΙII

Photo – Storytelling through the Lens & Video tutorial

Storytelling through the lens: A good photo can convey thousands of words therefore some tips on photography can go a long way to help you communicate your activities. Participants of Reperage have created this tutorial for you.

Communication Practices ΙV

Sound – Storytelling through Sound & Video tutorial

Storytelling through the mic: Sound in most cases is more important than the video to get it right. See why in the short tutorial created by Reperage participants with tips that can help you capture clear and engaging sound.

Communication Practices V

Video – Storytelling through film & Video tutorial

Storytelling through the film: Although actual film is used rarely those days moving pictures are all around us, participants of Reperage Training course have experimented with cinema cameras and the traditional interview setup to share with you tips that can make your productions stand out.