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Cinergies is a cooperative that is part of a growing social and solidarity economy ecosystem, whose aim is to produce content to support the progress of social/solidarity economy and alternative sustainability initiatives. 

Our Mission

Cinergies is a Greek social cooperative (5 co-funding active members) founded in mid-2016 whose purpose is to create and support alternative narratives to foster equitable and sustainable pathways.

The cooperative specializes in trans-media documentary production and explores new mediums to cover events and share the important stories of our times, integrating audio/video/photography to research and storytelling.

Services We Provide

Research and storytelling

Researching and storytelling skills combined with programming experience that will allow to help plan and tell each story with sensitivity and flexibility to every budget.

Post production

Editing with a passionate editing team in a highly equipped studio, involved in all aspects of post-production, supporting remote reviewing of material.


Shooting with a seasoned crew equipped with enhanced cinematographic tools, committed to the process of visual storytelling.

Transmedia Distribution

Distributing content in innovative ways, remixing audio-video-photography, interactive elements and vivid storytelling.