An Athens based social cooperative whose purpose is to create and support narratives fostering equitable and sustainable pathways.

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A transmedia documetary exploring emergent sustainability pathways.  A variety of mediums are intertwined in an interactive platform documenting initiatives in Southern Europe.

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Social Economy

Cinergies is a cooperative that is part of a growing social and solidarity economy ecosystem, whose aim is to produce content to support the progress of social/solidarity economy and alternative sustainability initiatives. 

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Production Services

In the cooperative way.

Research & Planning

  • Researching and storytelling skills combined with programming experience that will allow to help plan and tell each story with sensitivity and flexibility to every budget. 


  • Shooting with a seasoned crew equipped with enhanced cinematographic tools, committed to the process of visual storytelling.  

Post Production

  • Editing with a passionate editing team in a highly equipped studio, involved in all aspects of post-production, supporting remote reviewing of material. 

Transmedia Distribution

  • Distributing content in innovative ways, remixing audio-video-photography, interactive elements and vivid storytelling.

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About the Co-Op


is strengthening and actively participating in the co-production of knowledge and capacity needed to bring about and address sustainability challenges.


 have solid grounding in cinema, photography, design and research expertise. 


Long-term relationships with groups and initiatives seeking to make a change on the ground.


has invested in state of the art cinematographic means of production, making use of the democratisation of media production equipment.

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