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Our festival 4



“Four hands are always better than two, eight better than four, sixteen better than eight… ”

In Depth

Our Festival is an institution that is expanding more and more every year.

In September 2015, 45 artists presented 6 actions to 600 spectators. Today, five years after the debut of Our Festival, more than 8,000 spectators have watched 99 events by 492 artists.
Our Festival seeks to give a voice to every artist who has something interesting to tell, but lacks the means to do so. At the same time, it is an event, which is managed by the artists who participate in it. Professionals who present their actions, at the same time, actively support the festival, the other actions and, finally, their fellow artists. In this way, the community of Our Festival presents to the public an artistic event of high quality.

The ultimate goal of Our Festival is to meet all these creative people, from whom new personal and artistic ties will spring up, resulting in the realization of timeless cultural partnerships.


Organization: “We” – a group of collective culture
Art director: Christos Thanos
Production management: Christos Papamichael
Organizing team: Nikos Axiotis, Maria Thrasyvoulidi, Melissa Kotsaki, Nadia Peristeropoulou, Eleanna Stathopoulou, Christina Stouraiti, Dimitra Syrou.


Key Collaborators

Thomas Gkinis

Camera Operator / Editing

Antonis Vasilakos

Sound Engineer

Ioannis Koutouzis

Camera Operator