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UniverSSE 2017

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UniverSSE 2017, was the 4th European Conference on Economic and Social Solidarity, which took place in Athens from 9 to 11 June. The Cinergies Cooperative, as part of the social economy ecosystem, produced the promotional content for the conference.

Cinergies Co-Op collaborated with the organizing team, which included initiatives involved in the new field of social economy to exchange ideas and illustrate the message of the tangible example, vision and potential of social transformation.

The question asked: “What’s wrong with this dot?”


In Depth

Cinergies created 2 internet teasers, a TV teaser for the Greek Public Broadcasting Organization (ERT), a video camping crowdfunding that reached 4,000e and a short promo / documentary that presented the conference message based on real people and initiatives involved in SSE space.

In collaboration with George Serepas, more than 100 designs were produced, as well as the alternative currency used during the conference.

The conference itself was a challenge that can be mentioned as follows:


  • 6 months of event preparation
  • 7 thematic zones were created,
  • Hosted 50 panels / workshops / seminars and
  • Interpretation was produced in 4 languages in 5 equipped rooms with a team of 21 interpreters from Greece and abroad.

    At UniverSSE 2017 the following have participated:

    • 50 delegations from abroad,
    • 240 SSE collective / networks / stakeholders from Greece,
    • 637 registered participants,
    • Approximately 1,200 people attended the conference and
    • 1,500 via live streaming.

    “UniverSSE, as it emerges in systemic cracks and turbulence, is an extensive and under construction ground.”

    All content was released under a Creative Commons license.

    Key Collaborators

    Thomas Gkinis

    Camera operator

    Ioannis Koutouzis

    Camera operator

    Mavrias Kostas

    Research - Production Designer

    Antonis Vasilakos

    Sound Design - Drone Operator

    Giorgos Serepas

    Grafic designer