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Sustainability Transition Network


SUSTRANET CMS is a follow-up to SUSTRARES (Sustainability, Transition and Resilience), a 10-day intensive training course for young people that focused on self-sufficiency, community building and sustainability transition issues.

SustraNET aimed to increase capacity building and empowerment of young people through a transfer and exchange of best practices and training methodologies, and at the same time, set the basis for the establishment and expansion of a European network of cooperation on sustainability issues and practices.

Cinergies Co-Op realized a 10-minute mini-documentary focused on displaying the various aspects of sustainability and networking that emerged during the 8-day seminar.

In Depth

The Contact Making Seminar for setting up SustraNET has enabled extensive collaboration and networking among organizations with a focus on sustainability projects, bringing new inputs and perspectives for project planning and implementation.

The mobility provided the opportunity to 33 young people representing 10 associations from 7 different countries, to become familiar with concepts such as sustainability transition, network development and project management, at both theoretical and practical levels.

The overall aim of the activity was to provide a space for participants to know each other as partners of a future European network of cooperation, focused on Sustainability, Transition and Resilience.

The Contact Making Seminar was hosted in the premises of the STAGONES Sustainability Academy ( in Vlachia Evia, on the 8th until the 15th September 2017.

Cinergies Co-Op, regarding sustainability as the core issue of our times, provided the audiovisual content for the project.

Besides the mini-documentary that filmed and disseminated SustraNET CMS activities we also produced a short participants reflection video.

Key Collaborators

Ioannis Koutouzis

Cinematography - Editing

Kostas Mavrias

Research - Production Designer - Still photography

Antonis Vasilakos

Audio engineer -Sound Design - Drone Operator