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A wall from the past opens the discussion for the restoration of buried rivers of Athens back to light.
The film connects the director’s childhood memories with the effort to protect the last natural rivers of Attica.

In Depth

Pikrodafni is one of the last streams of Attica that still retains much of its natural form. It originates from the western side of Ymittos, crosses Ilioupoli underground and meets the light again in Agios Dimitrios, before reaching the sea, in the Faliro Delta. It remains a natural biodiversity landscape within the only capital in Europe without any open rivers.

By recording the history of an urban river and following the course of the liquid element that has silently existed for years within the city, in fact a part of our urban memory is recorded – the path of the man of the cities, the one who has forgotten that he is part of a wider spatial and temporal ensemble and continues to carelessly occupy earthen surfaces. The renewal of memory and the reminder that the most sustainable practice is the synchronization of man with his natural environment are the main components and the main sources of inspiration of this film.


Key Collaborators

Ioannis Koutouzis

Director - Research - Scenario

Akis Persidis

Drone Operator

Kostas Mavrias

Research - Production Designer

Stavros Simeonidis


Antonis Vasilakos

Sound Engineer - Sound design

Vicky Gougia


Thomas Gkinis

Director Of Photography

Nefeli Dakozoudi

Camera operator