The Cooperativists

Noun "An advocate of cooperativism."

Cinergies is a Greek Cinergies (5 co-funding active members) founded in mid-2016 whose purpose is to create and support alternative narratives to foster δίκαια , σε sustainable pathways.

The cooperative specialises in transmedia documentary production, and explores new mediums to cover events, share the important stories of our times integrating audio/video/photography to research and storytelling.

As a team, it gathers a diverse set of people whose skills complement one another in order to document , σε recognize how people actively resist and shape transformational pathways.

It aims to concretely enable know-how and capacity-building services to support and further disseminate the achievements of social economy and sustainability initiatives that often suffer from a lack of visibility.

By giving voice to people that are disempowered by mainstream media, the cooperative provides an opportunity for people to become actors – agents– of change rather than merely spectators.

Karina Benessaiah

Scenario development / Concept design / Research (interviews, texts)

Postdoctoral fellow at McGill University. Her academic work focuses on understanding adaptations and transformations to crises, and how these create new opportunities towards sustainable and equitable pathways. She is passionate about merging arts and sciences to allow marginalized voices to be heard and engaged participatory action research to be conducted in partnership with people and initiatives working to bring about change on the ground.  Her research, storytelling experience and big picture thinking complements the skills of the rest of the team.

Antonios Vasilakos

Sound Engineer / Website design / Drone Operator

Sound, drone operator and IT specialist keeps the digital gears of the cooperative moving. His auditory passion for music and sound also ensures a high quality of the audio content. He is also in charge of the interactive component of the cooperative’s website development, meshing various mediums to better tells stories of change. 

Giannis Koutouzis

Cinematography / Editing / Logistics

With studies in logistics focusing on the growth of the social economy in Greece (Technical University of Central Greece), Giannis is pursuing the filmmaker’s path, taking the lead position in editing-post production. 

Kostas Mavrias

Production Design / Photography / Screenwriting

Business administration graduate and experienced freelance photojournalist, Kostas has been developing his interest in storytelling by covering in the past five years key moments of emergent sustainability initiatives in S. Europe.

Thomas Ginis

Director of Photography / Cinematography / Editing

Filmmaker with studies in history and cinema, who collaborated as director of Photography and director on various productions in TV and Cinema for the past 7 years, bringing cinema aesthetics to  documentary productions.

Υπηρεσίες Παραγωγής

Με συνεργατικό τρόπο.

Research & Planning

  • Έρευνα , σε ικανότητα εξιστόρησης και οργανωτική επάρκεια, που συμβάλλουν στον σχεδιασμό-παρουσίαση κάθε ιστορίας απο σεβασμό , σε σεβασμό , σε συνδυασμό με ευελιξία προσαρμογής σε κάθε προϋπολογισμό.  


  • Κινηματογράφηση with a έμπειρο συνεργείο και χρήση εξελιγμένων κινηματογραφικών εργαλείων, ώστε η οπτικοποίηση της εκάστοτε αφήγησης να παραμένει απόλυτα πιστή στο κεντρικό μήνυμα κάθε ιστορίας. .  

Post Production

  • Μοντάζ with a passionate editing team in a με δυνατότητα παρακολούθησης-αξιολόγησης του παραγόμενου υλικού, εξ’ αποστάσεως. 

Διαμεσική Προώθηση

  • Διανομή του τελικού υλικού με καινοτόμους τρόπους,, ενσωμάτωση ήχου, εικόνας, φωτογραφιών και διαδραστικών στοιχείων. elements and vivid storytelling.

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